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Making Handlebar Grips Stay In Place???

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I know this has probably been discussed a thousand times, but what have you found works best to keep newly installed handlebar grips in place? I just installed some SLP Custom Cusion Grips on my F7, but they are slippin' and slidin' pretty bad. I used Fantastik as a lube, as I always have with Grab-On grips, and I've never had them loosen up on our sleds. Maybe the Fantastik was the wrong thing to use with the SLP grips. Anyone have any suggestions that's worked for you in the past? Thanks! -- Roy
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I cut my grips off. Lightly score them all the way accross, cut all the way through the grip on the end and slowly peel back along the scoring. DO NOT score too deeply or you will cut the hand warmers. Spray the hairspray on the handlebar and inside the new grip. Slide and twist in the same direction as the way the heaters are taped on.
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