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Putting out a feeler for interest in my 144” M20 airwave skid. Comes with compressor for on the fly adjustment. Will need an air pressure switch that is $40 and slides. I’ll also throw in a set of 121” rails. The skid itself is in perfect shape, painted and restored. Also included will be an extra torque arm in case you want to go back to a regular m10 (rear shock not included)
Most likely, you will need an extrovert drivers setup for proper track tensioning. I had this in my Polaris LE from 2001 that came with a factory m10. Bolt in on those early Polaris with m10s. No new holes to be drilled.
It will ride better than an R-motion. My riding crew has compared them side by side, and the ride of the M20 is almost boring because of how smooth it is! Not bragging or hyping it up, but that’s the truth. The M20 weighs almost identical to my 146” skidoo skid—within 1/2 pound of each other. Right around 50 pounds.
Email me at [email protected]
Or text me at 7155200655. I don’t check my private messages all too often here.
Location: Shell Lake Wi. Will ship but will not be cheap. Lots of weight to ship and bulk.
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