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M1 900 and Snow Hawk Ride Report

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On the road in NE Oregon and went riding today with a buddy here who is a Cat dealer.
Not unlike home in Michigan, the powder was poor at best. We had a foot of packed and 2 feet in the bowls.
I got a chance to ride the M1 900 159 track. My gosh that thing pulls. If the trail version is anything close, the F7 is going to be outclassed without some add ons. Got 5-6 feet vertical off a little jump they had built and it flew not unlike the F7, except a whole lot heavier.
Also got to try out a Bovine Snow Hawk. All I can say is you better eat your Wheaties. That thing is fun but a lot of work. It takes a bit of power to get it to carve. The big front ski likes to push around unless you get some good torque from the track and lean into the turn over the track, not the ski. If you think the Firecat takes some body english to carve, try this thing if you get the oportunity.
I don't know how it would work as a trail sled, but with a narrower ski and shorter track, who knows.
Anyway, thats it, just wanted to pass on my impressions of some new rides out there.