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Lost the Key To one of my Sleds!! question about the kay..

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Ok So I had To Repo My buddys Sled after I loaned him the money for it and he he sucks at making payments.....

Anyway, Its a early 90's Pantera, electric start. So I have no key for this thing, it gones for good........What do i Do? Can i buy an extra key at a dealer? are cat keys universal? any info would be great!

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Contact your local Cat dealer and they should stock the right key. There are'nt to many differend one's for early 90's cat's.
Everyone who owns a cat knows that you should be able to take a little jackknife without wrecking the key slot. It'll fit right in, also any cat key from about 1998 on down to most years to about 1978 should work in almost any cat sled.
I used to take my dads sled alot when he was at work, by using both methods.
I also own 3 cats the keys from a 1997 Puma 340 will work on my 1999 Jag 440 and vice versa, but neither will work in my 2002 ZL SS.
A key from the dealer is going to cost you another thing you can do is take away key system by unplugging it and rigging a toggle switch, in place of the key switch fits great, for security put in a off switch under the hood.
I just enquired about a spare key for my 02 ZRT and the dealer told me I have to order a new switch which is 25.00 Canadian Dollars.My key is a 1B
sisters boyfriend had a cat F5. (before we "transfered him to ski-doo) My dads friend went riding with him and liked to work on sleds! He told my sisters boyfriend watch this I'm stealing your sled! (joking wise) my sisters boyfriends like "ya ha I have the key". Well my dads friend had a cat. I forget what. But he took HIS key and started my sisters boyfriends sled up like that was the key ment for the sled! He was LIKE AAAAAA! Kind of scary ya can steal a cat if you have a cat key!
we had a 93 Lynx, a 94 Puma, and a 93 Wildcat and all the keys are exactly the same
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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