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BILLINGS, Montana (AP) -- The National Park Service, aiming to curb noise and pollution, has finalized its plan to manage snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

The plan made public Tuesday differed only slightly from the Park Service's tentative proposal released last month.

Beginning next winter, snowmobilers will have to get reservations to enter the parks, and 80 percent of their machines will have to be accompanied by commercial guides.

The plan also sets daily limits for snowmobiles, along with noise and emissions standards.

The Park Service intends to monitor noise and pollution in the parks and change the plan for the 2005-06 winter season, if necessary.

Environmental groups said the monitoring will cost $1.3 million more per year than the total ban on snowmobiles first proposed during the Clinton administration.

The Park Service revisited the issue to settle a lawsuit brought by snowmobile makers. The plan has been received tepidly by snowmobile groups which nonetheless are glad to retain some access to the parks.
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