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Hi everyone,

I'm new here (just found the board about 20 mins ago after doing some searching online). Looks like there's a pretty big group of people, so I thought this might be a good place to get some information.

Some friends and I are heading up to the Grand Lake area for New Years (it's always nice to get away from the craziness of Denver during the celebration) and we're looking to rent a sled or two, but we don't know where to get one from. We'll be about 40 miles north of Grand Lake (in Rand, CO, if you know where that is) and we're looking to rent a sled and trailer it up there for the weekend. We've each ridden a few times before on some guided and unguided tours in Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, so we're not inexperienced. We are probably "intermediate" riders.

The only "rental" place I've found where you can pick up the sleds and trailer them elsewhere is a place down here in Lakewood called Extreme Rentals Inc.. I haven't actually called them yet (my friend is going to make all the arrangements since he has the towing vehicle), so I don't really know all the details, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place (or, for that matter, a *person*) that would rent a sled or two to us for the weekend? Because of the short time frame, the quicker you can get me the information, the better!

Thanks for the info!

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As the 'Snowmobile Capital of Colorado,' Grand Lake’s trail system consists of over 300 miles of snowmobile riding with over 150 miles of these trails groomed and maintained by the Grand Lake Trailgroomers Snowmobile Club.

Grand Adventures
79303 Hwy 40
PO Box 1329
Winter Park, CO 80482

Two great locations to choose from! From beginner to expert, Grand Adventures has the snowmobile experience for you. In Winter Park, take an exciting backcountry adventure to the Continental Divide with our experienced professional guide service or rent your own. In Grand Lake, the snowmobile capital of Colorado, rent your own snowmobile and take an exhilarating ride through the Arapaho National Forest. Explore miles of groomed trails and open meadows. Play in vast open bowls with unmatched views. Advanced reservations necessary.

Grand adventures has one location in winter park, and one in Grand lake. I recommend renting in grand lake. The rentals are right on the trail, and you don't have to waste your time, money and fuel trailering them.

Grand Adventures has great prices, and good sleds. The only downside is they DO NOT offer insurance of any kind. Might want to check the policy on your credit card. Have fun.
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