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Looking for information on La Malbaie

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Anyone have any information for me to review.
I hear there are good off trail conditions in La Malbaie, but I want to be sure as it is over 10 hours away from me.

Any info would be appreciated.
Trail conditions, accomodations, guide service etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for those that respond.
Keep the rubber side down!!!!! :beerchug:
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There is some bush riding in the interior north of Malbaie, the challenge is that to my knowledge the outfitters are limited and fuel has limited access unless you can get down into Clermont or Saint Simion or the closer you get to the river where these villages are the snow is limited. Subject to change daily however! There is fuel and lodging that that is accessible but real limited.

Your best bet may be to consider driving to mt valin, or continueing beyond malbaie to sacre coure- hotel coronet, or escoumnin- hotel pelchat and ride north up into the mt valin area.

Still, the first five miles out of escoumin or sacre coure was boney last week before the rain. If they are getting snow today, than that should make it passable.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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