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I am not much of a rider. Most of my time in the backcountry has been with skis under my feet, but the need for a sled is pretty obvious in some cases. My ski partner and I are trying to get back into the Seven Devil Mountains (southwest of Riggins) this coming presidents day weekend (going in on the 15th). We were hoping to get some suggestions on companies that might offer a single tow for skiers into the range for a fee (maybe a $100 or so). We'd get a tow in and then ski out.

Does anyone know a company like that in Grangeville, Riggins or McCall? Or anyone who would be game for the adventure?

Alternatively, if anyone on this forum is interested on the afternoon of the 15th or morning of the 16th. It's maybe a 10 mile run in on a road that's snow covered to Windy Saddle. Things on the road could be packed down from other snowmobile traffic. My partner and I would be grateful and would like to discuss the arrangement details over email and by phone.

If you know of a company that would have some sort of tow-in service feel free to respond to this post, if you'd be interested in the job send me a message.

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