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21 650 Indy XC Launch Edition
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I know a lot of folks swapped out their standard gauge for a 7S in '21 (back when they were available). I did and unfortunately didn't think to ask the dealer for mine back, so I'm assuming there are several floating around. Hopefully they didn't all get scrapped.

Does anyone have one setting on the shelf they would part with for a reasonable price? Ideally a '21 650, but the gauge should be the same for all Matryxs.

Or anyone in SW Michigan that has one they would be willing to let me borrow for a couple days (I know that sounds weird, I'll explain).

We had to buy my wife a new sled last winter (long story). Only thing we could find were a few carryover '21 Launch Editions. Unfortunately, the dealer that we found all of their 650s all had problems with phantom diagnostic codes (diagnostic codes that show up when checking diag codes through the display and cannot be cleared, but don't show up on the digital wrench). They could not get Polaris to find a solution to the problem. They tried a gauge from an Axys platform, and the codes didn't show up, but they couldn't get Polaris to authorize installing a new gauge to experiment with. She needed something to ride, so we bought it with the problem.

I'm going to try connecting my 7S to see if the codes show up. I would also like to try a different standard gauge to see if it gets any different results.

Kenton Cabiness
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