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Looking for a Bulkhead

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looking for a bulkhead for my ZR 800 anyone got one in Canada ?

I would like just the bulkhead but if you have a 02 with the wide sides on it I would consider .

PM or post here.

Thanks :cn:

Here are some pics of mine



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check with RV sports they are parting out test sleds from cat. Low miles not beat to a pulp i picked up a spare primary clutch with 300 miles on it for 125.00. i bought a bulkhead from my dealer for around 400.00 so i would think it be 100 or more off that for a parted out one.
a have 2 from sno-pros they are a little different than a zr bulk head. but i think with a little determination you could get them to work. 1 of them is a bulk-head tunnel 300.00 for that. the main difference is how the motor mounts in but the motor mount may be able to bolt on to the 800 not sure thow.
I have a 98 ZR bulkhead and tunnel in Excelent contition if you are interested.
Thanks Guys but I'm looking to see if I can get one in Canada.

Originally posted by yktrucker@Sep 2 2005, 11:38 AM
Thanks Guys but I'm looking to see if I can get one in Canada.

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There is a guy I know that has a chassis from a 1998 ZR 600 LE that he is parting out. You could check the part numbers on Brown's Liesure World site and speak to a dealer to see if they are compatible. This guy is in Saskatchewan. :div20:
Thanks man, but I looked it up and the 98 is a no go but '00 on would fit with a couple of parts off my own chassis. :help:
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