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Looking for 23/40 Gearing Results???

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O.K. Another weekend has passed. I'm looking for insight on the 23/40 gearing combo and how it's working compared to stock. Posted timing runs would be the best but i'll accept word of mouth.

Any insight/analysis would be greatly appreciated.

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bvoffcr, I do not understand your reply, or did I miss something already talked about?

I understand guys are going to run this combination but have seen no solid proof of how it actually worked.

Ultimately, I am looking for someone who has swapped their gearing on the fly and ran the same, "opposing" sled to see what happened as a comparison. Did you pull harder throughout, beating your opponent by 6 sleds with the 23/40 gearing, vs. maybe 3 - 4 sleds stock?

This is the only way I can go about getting a somewhat accurate determination. Unfortunate for me, I don't have any radar.

If no one has done this yet to determine how it compared then I will most likely do it and post the results between X-Mas and New Years.

I'll have plenty of guys head-huntin' my ass that week!! LOL

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