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Lined up against this years big sleds!

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Well today i was out again on the lake on a one mile stretch and lined up with this years big sleds! a 2003 zr 900, 2003 rev 800, 2003 rx1, 2003 sks 700, i think a 97 mach 1, 2003 edge x 700.

The first drag, i got everyone out of the hole shot and was about half way and the 900 started to pull on me and was about 1 to 1 1/2 sled lengths ahead of me, both me and the 900 stopped and i seen the rx-1 and the rev 800 go by about dead even i dont know the order of the other sleds, so it was 1. zr 900 2. f7 Tied for 3 rx1 and rev 800 and the other im not to sure. We stopped and lined up again going in the other direction and from holeshot all the way to the end of the drag i was in front, with the zr 900 in second and the rx1 in third and the rev in forth, and i cant remember on the order of the other sleds, but one things for sure my sleds is awsome!! being able to beat rx1's and trade 1st and 2nds with a zr 900 is great.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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