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lake runs

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was doing some lake racing at about .4 miles long. 2 mxz 800 were there 1 clutched and jetted (maybe more) 1 stock. stock mxz is not even close pulled away hard. other mxz was close on the top end. i pulled very little on him but still pulled. srx was about even with me. not sure what was do to it but could tell it was lowered. my buddys rx-1 was not even a fair race i pulled away very bad on him but he only has 40 miles on it so it will probally get faster with more time on motor. the lake was pure ice with no snow on top of it. i got no traction at all with 170 studs and got beat off the line by almost all of them. didnt hook up untill about 30-40 mph. hope it grabs better with snow. hit 112 on the speedo and it was still pulling but ran out of room. I was very impressed that it hangs with 800's with work do to them. Mine is bone stock. In all fairness i switched with the clutched 800 and i won 2 out of the 3 races on the mxz. I was about 40 pounds lighter than the owner that was riding it. Only got 125 miles on f7 so it may even get faster. midrange is awesome.

Nice to beat the big boys with a 700cc

this sled rocks
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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