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Well it was a fine weekend, up here in the Great White North.
Ran the mighty F7 in the Wetaskiwin Snow Drags held in this Alberta community.
Raced the Evil Twin in the Stock 700, Stock 800 and my racing partner/wrench extraordinaire, piloted the Evil one in the King of Stock Class.
I spun her out of the 800 class and lost by a hair to a ZR8.
In the semi of the 700 I lost it in the same lane, with a complete loss of concentration after pulling my tether out as I was setting up. After getting back on and trying to set up I looked down to check the plug end and the flagman thought I was nodding my head to indicate ready. When I looked up the lights were changing. Panic,,,, punch throttle,,,, spin a little too much. I reeled in two of them and could not catch the leader. There I was,,,out.
Still in the running for the King of Stock. RZ/ my partner pulled a second in the semi to put the Evil one in the final. Lined up with an 800 Mach Z, ZR8 and a TC.
The Evil F7 came out hard and never looked back. Claiming King of Stock and a $750 payout.
Cats claimed King of the Drags $1000 payout Open Mod. (local)
King of Stock F7. (local)
800 Stock ZR. (local)
700 Stock F7. Boys from Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan.
Lots of great Alberta and Saskatchewan racers out again this year, it was a blast as usual and the bonus was nice too.
I don’t know how the 5 and 600’s were won.
I was not paying much attention to the mod classes but will update once the paper hits the stand.
I think you get the picture the CAT RULED on this weekend.

We did pretty good for a couple red neck bumpkins, we beat out some heavily sponsored folks and,,,,,,all,,,,,, yes,,,,, all,,,,,, the dealers in our area, Edmonton and most of Alberta.
These F7’s are rockets and if set up correctly will make a mess of any competition. So regardless of all the complaints, nay sayers, poor sports and cry babies this sled is the machine that turned the heads, picked up the cash and will rule the track and trail tomorrow.
I have a little more to do the F7 as far a gearing but will share some hard data this week.

PS knocked out more than a couple revs and 1 tons along the way poo was not even there.


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Sweet we had local races yesterday in Yellowknife, f7 won the snow drags but didnt fair well on the lake race, he was all over the place.... damn weight transfer.......

me and my bud would of been there BUT it was -39 and we were told it was only lake races
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