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Just back from Snowy Range in WY

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Just got back from a week at the Snowy Range in Wyoming. My firecat was flawless. Of course I prepared the F7 with the updates mentioned here at HCS, but went there (1000 miles away) with having ZERO miles on the F7 and holding my breath. I must say this sled is AWESOME. Now have over 500 wonderful miles on it, a permanent grin on my face, and lots of great stories to brag about to my snowless friends back here in MN.

My hat is off to all those true HCS posters (you know who you are) that helped me over the last two months get my sled ready for FLAWLESS performance. THANK YOU. :p

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I put 60-gram cam arms in the primary. Arctic Cat Part #0746-617

That's it !!!! We were at 7,500 to 11,000 feet. Sled totally rocked, completely waxed all 700 and 800 RMK's out there across the bowls and hardpack. (They did kick my butt on hillclimbing though with the paddle long tracks.) ^_^
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