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Finally got to ride my sled today ! I put on 60 miles today. I'm going to give my honest opinion of it. I didn't have any problems at all with it. Snopro suspension with standard track 153 studs, stock except for snopro air inlet tube. The more I broke it in the faster it went. My back ground is mostly motorcross, 10 years of it. Its hard for me to ride any thing slow. The good and the bad. First the bad, sled pushes in the corners and feels tipsy on uneven ground, speedo light is too dim at night, headlights need adjusted. The good, power is excellent and accelerates smooth especially when it shifts ! Weight transfer is excellent, Nice light feel. Comfortably seating position. I am very well pleased with it. I couldn't find a place to get it over 80 mph. Lake isn't froze over yet. I will be installed my Dakota clutch kit and V-force reeds and see what difference that makes. Just my two cents worth.
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Do you have the stock carbides on? I'm telling you, I have the 1" track and 153 Woody's Megabytes and once I put Shaper bars on the thing railed. You have to lean a little out and up just prior to the corners but once you get it you will be pleased. I was riding fast seasonal roads with a Poo and a Doo 800 last weekend and I could stick the corners inside of them every time. It's definitely different than a ZR chasis but it is fun! :D
My shaper bars have been on back order for six weeks now ! Suppose to be here first week of January.
i dont know if im reading this wrong or not but do you know the headlights are adjusted by hand, 2 black knobs by the speedo
I know, I just haven't done it yet.
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