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Jaws pipes for arctic cat and ski doo in stock

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We are proud to be working close with Jaws Performance Pipes. The Ctec 2 800 pipe has been revised this season, and it does work very well on the 2020 models too! The new version makes much more low end and mid range torque, plus the 11-12 more peak hp. With a little timing from our Ecu reflash or a power commander and they will make 14-16 hp pretty easily. Lots of torque and grunt with the new version. The Ski Doo 850 Single Pipe is simply the best single pipe on the market with an easy 11-12 hp gain. We also have the Big Shark Pipes for the Suzuki motors in stock 2012-2017 model Arctic Cats. We are the only company that stocks Ceramic Silver Coated Jaws pipes!! Jaws only offers black now, so if you want Silver Ceramic coated pipes, we have them!
Check them out at www.BD-XTREME.com
These pipes work great with our Stainless Steel and Titanium Mufflers.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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