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Is this missing?

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When I was riding with F5-snopro last weekend, one of the things we notices while my hood was up (F7)was this.

On the F-Sleds, there is a tie wrapped bunch of cables that come up from under the motor routing to a computer box or something (not sure what it was, I only had a few minutes to look at it)

When we opened his hood, on the F5 the cables have a corrugated plenum duct wrapped around them, on the F7 they do not. When I was dropping off the sled at dealer, we opened the hoods on the F5 & F7 on the floor. Same thing. F5 had it, F7 didn't.

Any guesses as to why? I am thinking that it would be a cheap & easy thing to put on the F7, but aside from heat protection, why were they used.
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i think what your talking about is the protector for the pv cables and some wiring if im not mistaken. i think its there to keep the cables from rubbing on the front heat exchanger . its strange that the 7's dont have it?!
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