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insurance agent

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Just got off the phone with my Farm Bureau agent and since he couldn't write a policy on my F5 because it's a performance sled, he then got a rate quote thru Foremost and for the F5 he said it's $500.00 per year with a $500.00 ded.!!!!! :eek: ;) :blink: :wacko: :angry: I posed the question about someone living in say Indiana paying only ~$220.00 per year and he told me the difference is because since I live in Michigan, I must ride in Michigan, therefore the higher rates!!! But if I lived in say Indiana or Ohio, I would pay about half. I then told him that most people that live in Indiana and Ohio ride in Michigan and he says that's why we in Michigan pay higher rates because there isn't many people that ride in Indiana or Ohio, therefore the less chance for a claim!!!! :blink: :blink: :unsure: :wacko: :wacko: :angry: :angry: So if this is true, I believe that out of staters should have to pay say $100.00 per trail permit to kinda even things out???

Everyone: Please tell me what you think on this issue?? I don't want to hear the line "why insure toys" either!!! I for one am not ready to give away $$$$ because my sled gets stolen or damaged by some dumbA$$ that runs into me!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
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gunner f 5, you need to try liberty mutual,
last year they charged me less than $400.00
for a2000-zrt 600 a 99 zl-440 and a 95 cougar 550
per year for all with a $ 500.00 dedct,
i havent been charged for the f7 yet.
but i cant belive it will be as much as i
am reading on here.
i live in mich also, their number is 1-800-225-7014
p.s. i have home-boat's -auto's-sled's with them
so i am getting a multi discount. B)

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hi gunner f5,. i live real close to travers city,
god ..them rates you are beeing quoated seem high as hell!!
i am going to assume you are young.(under 28)
my wife and i are between 45-50 years old,
clean records...... maybe it's age??
we have 95 intrepid--93 bronco eddy bauer with,
full coverage on both-$900.00 year..for both
i know your truck is new. but$1400.00 a year(holyshit)
we save a little with memberships through m.s.a.
and credit union's . <_<
p.s. i'll let you know how much i pay for the sabercat
when they send me a bill.
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