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The tail report for Gaylord on fishweb.com has said there was a 10-14" base all week- now this morning it says 4"! What a bunch of crap- a group of us planned a trip in that area this weekend and now it looks like it will be a waste of time. And the guy who posted the report asked people to respect the trail and not tear it up until there is a good base-well because of his report everbody and their brother will be heading there this weekend and they will be trashed.

Moral of this story- dont trust just any one source for info- find a couple trustworthy places for accurate reports and check often.

I feel better now.
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I just called the guy I know that lives up there to see what it is really like. Not sure how familiar you are with that area so here it goes. He did the following route last night.The trail along 27/railroad grade from Frederick to Indian River varies from ok (Frederick), then bad in Gaylord (under the vie dock), to maybe 4inch base with powder on the top starting about a mile past 32 all the way to Indian River. Chandler Hills area is in good shape (6" with powder top) and should last through sat night. From there going toward Elmira trail is also in good shape as more snow has fallen along 131. Jordan valley is is good and he saw the groomer leaving to groom when he left Larry's (in Elmira) at 9 last night. From there Lakes of the north varies to good to a little rough through the hills by the airport. Area around starvation lake to Frederick is good to rideable. He has lived up there all his life and said that if you have the urge to ride then come up. Trails should last until sat night, just expect the area right along 27 in gaylord where all the hotels/motels are to be beat up by 4 on sat.
As for me, I will be not be going up now as I have to work. For future referance take what Dave puts on as the trail report lightly as he is know to under estimate. I have found that the best place to call when is beaver creek resort (989-732-2459 or beavercreekresort.org), they are real honest in giving trail report for snowmobiliers.
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