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Important Engine Question for F7's

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A friend of mine was telling me that the pistons, after slamming into the cylinders could send fragments into the crank case...is this something all of the dealers replacing these melted engines will notice for sure?

Is there anything else I should have them look for?
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Depends how bad the piston(s) fail. If you flame a hole in it, yes there will probably be trash in the crankcase. If you scuff the walls, probably not to much if any.
Most of the time the crap will blow out the exhaust...you should be OK.
If the piston chunked apart make sure all the pieces are accounted for.

Will the dealers notice this?....well that depends who and what kind of person is doing the work. Make sure you can trust your mechanic and know that he is doing the work and not some ding dong parts stock boy.

Again, you should be fine with a new topend...it still sucks though to have a brand new $7000+ sled that has had the motor cracked open.
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