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I'am new to the Firecats

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I am pretty new to the forums and I just bought a F5 snopro on the 17th of December, that night I washed the sled and was looking over the sled to get to know the in's & out's of it - first thing I found was the boot to the air induction was improperly installed after dealer mech checked the main jets and jet needle position, while repositioning the boot the carbs came out of the air intake manifold, next the hinge pin for the hood was missing (quick fix a small wire tie)
Next day I took it up to the mountains and I was impressed by the performance level of a 500 cc machine and goes through the snow better than I ever thought it would, handles better than any sled I ever riden,over all the day was pretty good.
The machine does use oil though and they dealer setup could of been better.
I found the exhaust donut to be chipped in two areas, clamp on inboard side coolant hose needed to be repositioned and I put on a wire tie next to nipple for better seal.
I already knew about coolant issues and the pull rope fraying (still need to fix that) I love the sight it is really helpfull seeing that the Firecats are so new and different from standard Cats.
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There is a service bulliten out for this fix, dealer should be able to order the parts if he hasn't already.
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