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How was Ironwood guys??

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i know a bunch went up there this wed..im curious hwo the trails were and the loggin roads..decent ??? im going to wakefield and staying there..is there more snow towards the shore like silver city??..or is it more near lake Gogebic?? ...thanks guys...
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I put 200 miles on sat and 70 sunday till i got smashed from behind there was more snow by silver city and over towards octogon there were some good trails some trails were great others rough on lake geobic not alot of tracks we went down it about 7 miles seemed ok then we turned off and got on the trail just watch out for out of control rider i almost got hit head on twice

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I returned home from Ironwood last night. It was definitely worth the trip up to "DA YUPE". If you're staying in Wakefield, that's an excellent choice because the trail from Hurley/Ironwood to Wakefield is really beat up. We put on 302 miles in two days, and I would say overall the trails were good. Some spots were plain old AWESOME, and others were a little rough in that you had the "U.P. mudholes" that you had to go around (or thru if you wanted to) :)

Silver City has little to nothing for snow, but if you head up toward the Lake of the Clouds it's a nice ride when you get to the road that goes up. Our best riding was on Trail 11 and Trail 1 going north, and probably Trail 2 between Marenisco and Wakefield. Gogebic was NOT recommended to be rode on by any of the locals. We did see tracks on the lake, but we didn't want to chance anything. If you're going up this weekend, it will be pretty good though I think.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how the logging roads were because we didn't know too many up there. I wish we did know the roads because the trails are very poorly marked up there. We had several occasions where we stopped to look at the map, and other riders would stop and ask us what trail they were on.

It was my first ride on the F7, and all I can really say is .... WOW!! :) The sled is flat-out AWESOME. Horsepower was amazing, and the way it sucks up bumps is just incredible. The only thing I'm going to do is stud it out. I didn't race anyone up there, but horsing around in Wakefield with my buddies, I could definitely tell who had the fastest sled (wink, wink).

I am hoping the U.P. gets some more snow because they're gonna need it for the Red Light. There were a TON of sleds up there this weekend, and it looked like a Firecat Rally. I am not exagerating when I say I saw at least 50 Firecats this weekend. Truly amazing.

Well, let me know if you have any other questions.

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