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How to repair stripped 900 ace oil plug threads.

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While changing the oil on my 2020 900 ace, i overtightened and pulled the threads out of where my large oil plug threads into the engine. Im just wondering the best way to repair these threads and what others have done and how it has worked out for them. Ive done some research and seems like either heli coil or time-sert or even an oversized self tapping oil plug are my options. Not sure the best option and any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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correct way as you already know I gather is new oil pan
after that, options include
drill and re tap to next size up

have welded and re drill/tap
or weld in a fast drain that has a throw lever so never have to come out again
like one of these, folks been using them on 4 stroke Yamaha and cat sleds for yrs problem (along with tons of other vehicles used OFF ROAD) free to make draining oil easier, but can be used to solve a stripped plug too I would imagine,
maybe some JB weld to make it STAY in and then just drain using its valve!

But again the proper fix is a new oil pan!, sucks but being honest!
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