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How do I Post pics?

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Just wondering how I get my sled pics in the fircat gallery on the homepage? Here they are

F5 Sno-Pro


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there really is no limit to resolution, but there is a limit to total file size and that's 76K.

For resolution I always think what is the typical screen size? I view at 1024x768, but most have 800x600 and there are still many people viewing at 640x480 resolution. So typically I limit the width of my images to 640 pixels wide or less. More than that and many will only see part of the image and have to use the horizontal scroll bar to view the whole thing. That's very annoying. And for posting to these forums, there also has to be room for the message header and other info, so around 500 pixels is even better, and makes it easier to stay under the 76k limit. Play around with it, and see how it works. There is no hard and fast rule.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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