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hooking up heated shield

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Please help me out. I hooked up my heated shield before my ride last night. All went well until I went to start the sled. It fired up beautifully but immediately noticed that my tach/speedo wasn't working anymore. That really being the least of my worries, I headed out anyway to meet the boys. Started up the field and engine popping etc. , acting very wierd. So i stopped, pulled the hookup apart and on came the tach/speedo again and the F-cat came back to life. Anybody have any clues? I hooked up behind the servo located on the "firewall" sort o' speak where the open plug is located. ------ other than not having my heated shield, we did 97 miles on a beauty of a full moon night. table-top groomed trails, nothing was better forDec. 18th. -----by the way, taking some preload off the skids front shock really made this thing attack the corners! Great post Rob! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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sounds like your power wire was shorted to me, not sure what type of hook up you have, but i tapped into the same thing, the yellow is for your power, the brown is ground, use a volt meter and make sure that the connector has the power on the inside, and the grond is on the outside, other than that, it should not effect the display
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