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OK I hope I am not doing something I shouldn;t here, but didn;t see a forum spot to post this if allowed, if NOT< please just remove

But My mother just gave away her Honda accord(2002 yr model)
car is moving down south, out of the snow belt
she had a set of snow tires and honda wheels for them, I used to swap for her in winter time, car ONLY went to church(she played organ there)
Tires are Michelin X ICE models in 205/65/R15, with less than 3,000 miles on them IF that many
there located in Zip code 18237 (PA)
if anyone has interest in them let me know and I will make you a GREAT deal to see they find a home

there is NO classified section for these, so, again, sorry if I am wrong for posting this way
just trying to maybe help a fellow member here out!
not trying to break any rules


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