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I am planning on trying a Hillcross race this spring. I was wondering if anyone had tried this. I am looking for things that I will need for my first race. I already have a tekvest but need to order the shoulder pads. I will be running my F5 standard. I know it isn't the best sled for racing but I'm just looking to have fun and be the most competitive with what I have. If anyone with experience in snowcross or any other form of racing. I am looking for ideas for clutching, gearing, and suspension setup. I would like to do some testing throughout the session.
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I race in hillcross and sno cross with my F5 snopro...All you need to do is get some clutching done...the gearing is fine...Make sure ou have studs and you are set to go...If your racing in the stock class you are allowed to have some clutching done.
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