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Hey Rob, What do you recomend for Quebec trails?

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Me and my father want to go riding in quebec this coming weekend. WE are going to leave friday night and come back monday night. I know you recently went to quebec and did 550 miles. DId you do a loop or jus back and forth. My father is BErt delabruere and we ride in quebec alot and we were just wondering if we could get your input on where the best place to ride is? You are more than welcome to join us this weekend if you dont already have plans.

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Hey, say Hi to your Dad. I wondered where Bert was, hadn't seen him on rss for a long time.

Riding is excellent out of Montmagny. Unload at the 232 motel and head toward Riviere-du-Loup on either 5 or 35, they are both great. Avoid 55 west of St Pamphile.. it wasn't good there. Up toward R-d-L the trails were mid-winter condtions. Have fun. I'd love to come along, but I have a lot to do before xmas.
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