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For those of you who have not already read this, This is Unbelievable Damn those F7's Can Haul A$$ :D Straight from Black Magic's Performance News..

How Fast Will Your F7 Go??

One of our sponsored racers from Alaska contacted us back in early December about using a new F7 in the Alcan 200 Race in Alaska. This is a very grueling race, that encompasses a wide open run 77 miles in one direction, turn around and run wide open back to the original start point. There are two mandatory gas stops, in each leg, for a total of four stops in the trip. The race is basically held on a blacktop road, or shoulder if you will, with very little or no snow for lubrication or cooling. Now, with all everyone has heard about the cooling and associated problems with the Firecat, everyone at Black Magic was wondering, is this going to work??

Our man in Alaska was very determined to participate and we agreed, nothing tried-nothing gained. As it turned out, he was one of the fastest participants in testing prior to the event, hitting the radar traps in excess of 130 mph. The fastest in practice ran a whopping 141 mph!!! Now we were wondering, will any of these guys last at that speed??

The F7 ran in a very respectable third place all the way to the halfway point, averaging 119.8 mph to this point and this is with two gas stops!!!! Coming down one of the hills, the F7 tripped the gun above 134 mph!!! On the return trip, the F7 blew a belt, added fuel twice, while overrunning the fuel stop and having to run back to get the cans of fuel and still maintained an average of 114 mph for the entire race. The F7 finished a very respectable 5th place. Not bad at all when you find that there was only 22 seconds between 2nd and 6th position!!! Who knows, without the blown belt he would have been in 2nd place, competing against all the RX-1's, Viper triples and a whole slew of other big bore hot rods!!

What was done to this sled to see these speeds?? We will list some of them below:

V-Force Reeds p/n 80-2641
Black Magic Ported Cylinders
Stock pipe/muffler combination--only because our new single was not available yet!!
Prototype Black Magic Air induction system
Prototype Black Magic underhood heat release system
67 gram Black Magic Super Shifter weights p/n 70- 2067
Yellow/White Drive Spring
Black Magic Black/Red Driven Spring p/n 70- 1331
Black Magic 75-6248 driven helix
25/35 gear ratio
Stock, 1 inch wiper track trimmed to 1/2 inch bar height with 96 .750" carbide tipped studs
Entire sled lowered 1 inch in rear shock, 1.5 inches in front arm shock, with the ski shocks shortened to produce an a-arm that was parallel with the ground
600/601 springs in the rear of the rear suspension for a softer ride when the suspension is pulled down
4 of the 2.75" Add-on Wheel Kits from Black Magic p/n 20-0329
Machined hyfax to reduce the chance of any excess friction
Additional cooling added to the running boards from a Polaris Ultra
We think this little twin did very good (it was the smallest twin there by over 100cc), and feel that this type of test only proves----these sleds will fly!!!! How fast do you want your F7 to go???? You have just read the recipe!!!!
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