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Hey dave cat 7

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Hey dave hows it going . This is todd , the guide who got you lost :D . When i left you guys friday my rear shock blew so i took it in early sat. morning . Did you guys ride to stillwater ? Just picked my sled back up :D catch you later . Todd
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never made it to stillwater, went to the river trail for lunch, then back up to timberview, back to river trail and i went home, although the others went to see the mayor at "tops off, bottoms up",
i guess it was quite a show!!

what did the dealer say about your shock?
by the way,
we didnt get back to the house till 4 a.m. after you left us!!
He He He , sounds like you guys had a good time . Arctic cat said they do not cover the shocks , but my dealer said bull sh*t and got me a new one and said they would deal with arctic cat . Might of had something to do with the 10 foot high jump i hit pulling into my buddys and landing in his plowed parking lot :wacko: they all thought it was funny . Todd
Hey guys I had a great time Riding with you in the short time I did, maybe we can do it again sometime.

If you are coming up again let me know and i will find you a better place to stay :)
thats for sure,
we are thinking about the edge,
cant get over the hot bartender next door, at trail side!!
Yeah let me no if you come back, I will come back up, This tim we can ride longer, Did you buddy have any more probs with his sled stalling?

i think too many cocktails and he accidentally hit the kill switch!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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