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i put this in the general forum aswell, but figured it would be good to put in the general SNOWMOBILE forum too.

ok so yesterday i figured i would go out for one last short ride around my cottage before we packed up and went home. well it started out fine i went riding where i usually do when by myself not to far from the cottage, probably about 10-15 kilometers away. i go down some of the trails down to the lake to go for a short ride into the bay and back, i get on the lake, ride to the end of the bay, stop for a minute then go again. im heading home on the lake doing about 80 or so and i hear my sled making this weird noise, so i slow down, as i slow down it starts squeeling, i didnt like that so i stop, my engine didnt like it either and made some awful noises and died. i get off of it to try and start it again and the pull cord wont move. i open up the hood and check my belt, its fine, as i have my hood open in the middle of the bay a guy on a formula three with this d&d can on it ( sounded so friggen nice) stops and asks if theres a problem, i say yea she just stopped dead. i go back over to try and start it, it starts but sounds like absolute s$&% and is back firing. so we pull the plugs and put in the spares and it still sounds awful. the guy that stopped for me gave me a tow to land and i phoned my cottage and my grandpa and dad came and towed me home. we get it home and it wont start, we checked for spark, both had spark, when we got it running the plugs were wet. while its running we pull a cap off one plug at a time, first one we pulled it and it died, so the other side must be screwed, we fire it back up and pull the other one and it keeps running like crap so that one must have a problem. as soon as we get to a higher rpm the #*&%%@ noises and back firing stops and sounds normal. ok this reminded us of my dads sled when it would keep breaking the main jet needle cause the carb had worn and the piece in side that moves up and down for the throttle was loose so it would work the needle enough that it would snap and he had to buy a whole new carb ($300) we are also not sure if those plugs were gapped properly or we just put them in there for back up.

i just wanted to go for one last rip for january since the snow is melting. be careful what you wish for!

i really wish i had some cash on me and i would have gave the guy that towed me like 20 bucks so he could fill up his machine or something, it was really nice of him to do for a complete stranger, i guess all sledders know each other, they all know what its about.
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