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F5 has about 220miles on it. Broke it in gentally.
Can only get about 90mph out of it under excellent
Tach reads insane 9200 down to 8800 creaps up
etc. all over the place. I realize theres an update to be
put on, could this effect my mph?
Please help. want more!!

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on any given day an f7 will hit only 105 then 115 the next day...I found that out. so 90 may be your low day...even if conditions looked to be perfect...you need to race someone to know.

the tach is wrong, fix with recall or pull wires away from coil.

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Try turning your coil around. Here is what I got for my f7- same thing for the f5.
Paper from Cat tells you to do the following:
1. REmove the expansion chamber.
2. Cut the 2 cable ties holding the coil to the chassis.
3. Remove the spark plug caps from the spark plugs. Remove the PTO side spark plug cap from the high tension lead wire.
4. Disconnect the orange and black wires that connect the coil to the CDI unit.
5. Remove the coil assembly; then rotate the coil 180 degrees with the high tension leads facing down.
6. Route the high tension leads in front of the coolant hose so they are located between the coolant hose and the engine.
*NOTE- Make sure the PTO side high tension lead is routed in front of the steering post.
7. Position the coil in the chassis mounting location; then secure the coil to the chassis with two cable ties.
8. Connect the black and orange wires.
9. Install the PTO side spark plug onto the high tension lead; then install the spark plug caps onto the spark plugs.
10. Install the expansion chamber. (pipe)

Hope this helps!
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