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im putting a viper mountain 144 stock skid into my 02 srx. ive got it mounted using the dimensions taken from the original sled. the problem im having is when i compress the rear of the sled the suspension lowers about 2.5" inches then the tranfer rods bottom out and the suspension stops dead there then returns up. im thinking that it has to have more travel than that. i cant see what i did wrong maybe spmeone can point something out im missing. the front 2 mounts of the skid to the tunnel are the exact distance from each other as they were on the original sled (13.75"). the linkage on the front end of the rear shock is just about straight up and down. maybe this is how it should be but it doesnt seem right having that little travel and when it bottoms out is because the rods keep it from compressing any further.

the front of the skid seems fine its the rear of the skid that is the problem.
hers what the skid looks like. help please

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