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He sold his 96 T-Cat 900 to get a more trailable sled and is now pretty bummed out with the performance. He tried to run with two F7's and two 99 ZRT800's and just got bummed out at not being able to hang with the aggressive riding buds.

Horrible on gas
Horrible on oil

It''s a 2000 ZR600 Blair Morgan with clickers and 1.25" track and 144 studs. My bud is soooo pissed at the PIG this thing is. Anyone have one that they have tuned to perfection (if it''s possible to do it to this thing) Jetting, what works, plugs, what works, oil, how to tune that. Also, the sled has about 6000 miles (3000 on new motor), would the clutch need any tuneup i.e. new springs, weights, helix, rollers. Any tips on what clutch setup works good is appreciated. Hope to help the guy get more out of this thing without breaking the bank.
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