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Help removing secondary clutch

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Ok, I'm putting a new helix on my secondary.

1. If I untighten and remove the secondary clutch bolt will I need a tool to hold the clutch stationary? What can I use to do this.

2. Will the clutch fly off or just pull off the shaft?

3. As long as I assemble everything exactly the way I remove it, I won't need to adjust anything with any special clutch tools?

Any tips are really welcome. :D
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Remove the clutch from sled with 1/2 sockect . Remove bolt and pay attention to where
the washers go and how many of them . (used for alignment) There are a few small
washers inside the secondary clutch where the mounting bolt goes threw .
Now you can easily pull off the clutch .
Set it on a bench and remove the 3 nuts securing the roller cover . It is under some tension
from the red spring . Once removed you can now install the new helix .
To install just do things in reverse order paying close attention to where the alignment
washers go .
just my 2 cents... :)
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