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help me with clunking noise

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Hello all
I was able to get out for a run yterday on my new to me 1999 ZRT 800.
Its a blast to ride.
This is my first triple and although a little heavier in the front it isn't
anything I won't be able to get used to.
Only one problem and I'm looking for some advice here.
When you are riding slow {less than 10 mph] There is a nasty sounding clunk
coming from the left footwell area. You can also feel it . It seems a bit
worse under braking at that slow speed.
At first I thought it must be a bad cross shaft bearing but it seems fine at
speed.I put my hand up on the jackshaft by the bearing btwn the tunnel and
the track and the bearing felt cool.We had just run about 20 miles so I
would think if it was the bearing it should have been hot or at least
warm.It was cool.I had been up to 100 mph for a bit.The only other thing I
can see down in that area is the speedo drive gear .Tomorrow I will take
this apart and check it.
I did notice that the track is out of alignment a bit .Is it possible that
the track clips could be hitting the plastic end on the rail ??
Any advise would be appreciated. Its got me stumped right now.
I put the sled up on a stand and ran the track slow ,fast , under load with
the brake and I can't make it recreate the clunking noise or the banging??
Only seems to do it when there is a load on the sled { me sitting on it}.I
hope someone has had this prob and can suggest a fix.

Graham and Sonya Campbell
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:) Hello all I tore the sled down and found a broken lock collar on the clutch side jackshaft bearing. Bearing was shot as well. All fixed and waiting for snow right now. Its pissin down rain as I am typing this. :(
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