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heel-x testing

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On 10-21 we started to put the heel-x and heel clickers to the test. We ran my f7 standard vs. a zr800. The f7 is stock with 153 roetin1.25 studs. The zr8 has v-force reeds, D+D single pipe 192 1.25 roetins and clutching set up by the owner. It is a very stout piece and beats all other local 800's of any make. After a number of runs it was found that both sleds came out of the hole together and then the f7 would pull about 2-3 sled lenths in the mid-range. We then installed a heel-x secondary cover and helix on the 800 and ran again. This time both sleds came out the same but 800 pulled the f7 by about 2-3 sled lenths in the mis-range!!!! Next we loaded the front clutch of the 800 with the heel clicker primary weights and ran again. This time the 800 took the hole shot and just kept pulling away!! Not only was the 800 now faster but after a few laps around the field it displayed unreal throttle response at any speed or RPM. I have ran the heel-clicker primary weights in my 800zrt for 3 years and 7500 miles with no problems, but combined with the heel-x it is very impressive package. Testing on the f7 will begin after I get about 500 miles on it.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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