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For those of you who haven't gotten the heavy rider kit yet, here's our first impressions. . . without riding it yet.

The springs that come with the kit are huge. My friend SnoProG installed the heavy rider kit on his Sno-Pro last night (he put it on the skid removed from the sled). It was quite a fun to see a skid being worked on literally in the kitchen on his kitchen table.

Anyway, once we installed the kit, it was obvious that the new square springs were rubbing the "inner" bogey wheels. The wheels were bound up pretty well and probably required about 15 foot pounds of force to turn. We're fairly sure these will turn when on the track, and obviously will wear a spot into the wheel where the spring is rubbing.

How much damage to the bogey is yet to be seen. SnoProG told me today that in order to "move the spring out a bit" and have less friction/rubbing, he took off the retaining washer that holds the spring adjuster to the skid. The amount of pressure and lack of space for side to side movement should (in theory) prevent the spring from coming off and the adjuster block from coming off.

I guess we'll see. BTW: he's using a 10% increased sized triangle metal adjuster on the skid.
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