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Gonna be in Eagle River during Derby???
If you plan to attend please sign up ASAP.. If not enough attending might have to cancel classes which would be a big shame....
So heres the info again...

Four hr avalance awareness, avoidance and rescue class...
Course Content
*Intro to Avalanches
***What to carry and what works best
***Self rescue
***Hasty Search
***Mistakes in rescue
*Group Dynamics
*Terrain Evaluation
*Preparing for your trip west
*Stability Analysis
*Avalanche Beacons

Cost $45

Scheduled Times
Jan 18 Thur 9am - 1pm or 3pm - 7pm
Jan 19 Fri 9am-1pm
Jan 20 Sat 8am - 12pm or 4pm - 8pm

Located on Hwy 45 N just north of 45N
at the Hiawatha Motor Inn
Eagle River, WI

To sign up call Mike Duffy 970-390-9433 or email [email protected]
or Jason Bach 715-617-3644
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