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Me and a buddy went out riding tonight here in S.E MN. We have gotten about 5 inches of fluff in the past week w/ another 2 inches of fluff today, on top of some slushy Icey stuff. So Trail riding is shitty. But we have had high winds all day so the drifts are sweet.

We just played around my friends farm and had a good time. Busted threw most drifts like a hot Knife thru butter.

One drift swallowed me whole. It had formed off the edge of the road into a field that was about 10 feet lower than the road so the drift had a 9 - 10 foot face. I hit the drift moving about 30 Mph and got about 6 feet into it and about 3 feet up it. The sled was almost vertical. I had to climb up the handle bars and signal to my friend where I was. All he could see was the tips of my ski`s and part of my cowl. It took about a half hour to dig it out. We had to fight 30+ mph winds. I was never so stuck in my life.

We got it out and headed back to his place and thawed out for about 30 min and by the time we went back past the drift it had filled in the hole I made.

I`m going to hit it tomorrow at about 40 MPH and see if I can bust it if its still soft. If I dont make it I`ll get a camera for pics this time.

I had no problem busting the 5 footers w/ the snopro track.

I love this machine!!!!! :wub:
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