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:rolleyes: After getting the F5 back from the dealer, last night was the first time out in a while. And the trails were absolutely shitty. :eek: I put on 53 of the most dirt drifted, bumpiest miles that I've seen in a while. (including 1/4 mile of plowed field)

WOW!!! The front shocks took the beatings like a champ, ^_^ and the skid actually let me sit down. :D I was standing for a while, then got tired and sat. I thought hey..this isn't that bad!!! :lol: Very nice ride for what I was in. This thing is easily the best I've ridden in the crud. Almost a bit over confident because of the suspension. :unsure:
Did notice some of the bad stuff...I see what you're talking about with the glacier build-up. What a mess. Got some tunnel vibration too, but track is in 1/16th alignment. Must be some crud trapped in there. Thawing it out this weekend anyway, getting ready for a trip next weekend. I can't wait. What a performer! :wub:

I need the tach update to come in. Max rpm reads 1765...and still uses oil like a SOB... Friggin Dealers... :rolleyes:
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