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Great Lakes Dragway

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Just found this thred on a local car forum. The owner wants to run sleds at GLD all summer and is considering adding a snowcross track to the mix

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I will get there around 6-630, will be there till around midnight. I will have my switchback and my ultra there,stop by and i will let you buy me a beer Lol
seriosly tho, stop by.
just put in two pro shot fogger nozzles in and i am ready for that junk tripple see you thursday

AND I WIll challenge any body for the wheelie contest at least twice ha ha
cmon now, be nice to my old antique tripple, it is vintage equipment,kinda like goin to the museum. Im sure it wont run with the sled on the gun,but maybe on motor...
sounds as though we might have a timing system for tonite!! this is going to be sweet
When are you running this week? I got my sled home and ready to go!
Hooray for double posts :augen41:
Originally posted by Jsho13@Oct 9 2005, 06:52 PM
When are you running this week?  I got my sled home and ready to go!
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Hey Josh, make some room for me in your inbox! :doh:
Haha, sorry - its good now.
we will keep you posted,as of now i believe the next date is oct 22, however i would like to do something before that..
i was under the impresssion that they would be running them more often.
as more intersest is shown, they will have more events. We need to bring alot of sleds/spectators to PROVE we can do it, it needs to be profitable for them to let us do this.So bring your friends with and without sleds.
So whats the word? Is there anything going on Sat. or not?

if so, what time??
Originally posted by xcr440fast@Oct 19 2005, 12:49 PM
still working on some details,pray for insurance...lol
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Originally posted by firecatfever@Oct 19 2005, 04:53 PM
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x2 I thought they would be running them every week. It sucks because I brought my sleds home and now they are covered sitting on the trailer outside. Usually always store them inside.
believe me, its more than just you guys.....my junk is outside also,waiting to go
Any idea on when we can run next?
still nothing that i have heard,the itch is there though,doesnt anyone have a field we can play in???
Originally posted by xcr440fast@Oct 24 2005, 04:19 PM
still nothing that i have heard,the itch is there though,doesnt anyone have a field we can play in???
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Thats a good idea too, maybe a afternoon during the week we can find somewhere to play around. Anyone have any connections or any ideas? :luxhello:
Weather is suppose to be nice this weekend, any movement for races this weekend? I would love to come watch.
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