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Great Lakes Dragway

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Just found this thred on a local car forum. The owner wants to run sleds at GLD all summer and is considering adding a snowcross track to the mix

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Dude that would be a blast! Unfortunatly I can' possibly fit snowmobiling in my schedule right now with all the work and huntint stuff going on! Oh, but that would be fun!

EDIT: ah screw it, I just made up my mind, the kitty is coming off the shelf :)

Let me know if anyone wants to hook-up for it. I haven't done any grass drags yet, so this will be something new.
Originally posted by Jsho13@Oct 3 2005, 06:30 PM
Steve, I will go with you.  I am bring my f6 home this weekend most likley so we can go next week possibly?  I have never run my sled on grass either so it will be a first.
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sweet, sounds good to me. I should have mine ready to rock by next week. I just have to figure out jetting for this weather and gte it all set up. Im sure there will be a thing or two to learn. :smiley-faces7:
Originally posted by Jsho13@Oct 9 2005, 06:52 PM
When are you running this week?  I got my sled home and ready to go!
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Hey Josh, make some room for me in your inbox! :doh:
So whats the word? Is there anything going on Sat. or not?

if so, what time??
Originally posted by xcr440fast@Oct 19 2005, 12:49 PM
still working on some details,pray for insurance...lol
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