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Great Lakes Dragway

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Just found this thred on a local car forum. The owner wants to run sleds at GLD all summer and is considering adding a snowcross track to the mix

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looking to see if there is some people out there that want to race for fun for now but track owners are looking into a timing system and how to class sleds but for now we run off the flag or street race style with spots or giving the hit. thursday night is RSD (real street drags) should be a good showing. The track is currently 660 feet but we are open to ideas, so if more people are intersted in 500 feet let us know. Gates open at 5:00 pm and we can race till at least 10:00pm if not a little later. If your intersted we will see you there or email [email protected] thanks the Whale

10-06-05 Thursday
yes i am bringing the big blue bottle and it might have to go to a 10lb. The only required clothing is a HELMET and long pants and shoes perferably boots and a shirt. so far I heard it will cost 20 - 25 dollars to race but there will be alot of cool stuff going on with rsd and I heard TUFF ENUFF might be making some big wheelie passes Hope to see as many people there as possible thanks I will post more as I hear
the schedule is kind of up in the air right now but if there is interest it will be decided on the racers on rules length and stuff like that
just put in two pro shot fogger nozzles in and i am ready for that junk tripple see you thursday

AND I WIll challenge any body for the wheelie contest at least twice ha ha
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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