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:D Hi everyone I'm not normally a poster on this site, but I frequently come here and read all of the different posts. Let me start by saying I'm the owner of a new F7, and I just took it up to Newberryand Paradise Mi, I just got back last night.
First of all the trails were some of the best I've ever ridden, secondly for all of the negative talk about the F7 from all of the different publications and even from some posters on this site, I have to say I rode 400 miles in 3 days, and absolutely NO problems with this sled whatsoever. I mean NOT ONE problem!! Hats off to Arctic Cat for a fantastic product, I will never go back to another sled unless it's an upgrade of some type to the Firecat line
Also kudos to the groomers in Newberry and Paradise....Great job on the trails. Anyway just felt like I needed to post some positive news...
Here's to some great riding to all of my fellow sledders, Firecat owners and others alike :D :D
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