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Great day of riding

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Out riding C7 in the adirondacks today from Mt View to Saranac.. passed a bunch of F7's on the trail.. talked to one guy.. he just loves his :wub:

Sleds ran great today.. a chilly 8F out, with a steady snowfall. Hard icy base with about 8-10 inches of powder. Some of the best riding we have had all year.. just great!! :D :D :D

Can't wait to head back out tomorrow


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nothing like a frozen lake with an unbroken blanket of snow just waiting


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today on C7 the trails were kinda on the rough side though, and it was really chilly out too. and i saw 5 firecats at Charlies. 2 F7's and 3 F5's.
2 were sabercats.... other three were std. then i saw 1 T/A red F7 in Loon Lake.
we had planned on heading to Charlie's but the Debar trail from Meacham was really beat, so we didn't take it this time. We were there yesterday though for a while.. if we unload there we drive a 2001 Chevy blazer ZR2 (pewter) and have a sledbed enclosed with a blizzard top its black. I think we are heading up thursday again.
Dingoblu, we were out riding Saturday at LoonLake. We have a camp in Onchiota and know alot of other people with camps on the back trails. We usually ride more of the back trails than the Railroad bed. They had a camp feed at PineCamp Saturday. Next Saturday there is another feed at Camp Kettle. If you see any signs for it, you should go to it. Warm and good food. Between Loon Lake and Mt.View, take the Wolf Pond road towards Standish and you'll see the signs.
Hey we saw the signs for that and almost went, but decided to head to the Trailside instead so we could gas up the sleds and eat. I'm working this weekend so no good for me... I think Weller Mtn is having a Spaghetti feed this weekend too.
Great pics. Can't wait till it either snows here or we get a chance to head to Wyoming.
sorry i missed you, we left loon lake and went to deer valley then went to potsdam then headed back through tupper. The trails really sucked but it was sunday and if it were a weekday it would have been great.We put on 170 hard miles. Maybe I will see you this sun. I will be driving a green team arctic f7 sp with a black windshield and head light covers.
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