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Found so little info thought I"d share what I have so far.
Mine is a 02/03" 1WX 800 with a 1 1/4 track, "Jack" studded up the middle.
Got my sled back today from Quint a dealer in Littleton N.H. and a ton of great info.He even gave me a Blade shop manual. This sled has actually only 150 miles on it.
Despite being a small rural dealer he has sold more blades then any dealer in the country (owns five himself). He spent a good amount of time with me answering all my questions and giving plenty of good tips.

To mention a few things I remember .


Replace steel exhaust valves with titanium (kit with different bellows $69 ea.)
Replace stock brake rotor bolts $10.95
Vent kit on gear case $9.75 (cures seeping, some had thought bad seal )
Tack welds to beef-up muffler.
Be aware/remeady an electrical connection near stator. (simple fix)

Tips etc. :

To clean exhaust valves use a socket universal combo, with a long! extension to loosen but not remove, two engine bolts, enough to tip up engine to remove valves.
A spare belt will tuck under secondary clutch near front of right foot.
Alway's break in your belt.
Suspension set-up crucial.
Grease M-10 suspensions often.
Only grease one pump per season for "jack system"(if yours has one)
6" carbides you best choice.
Run premium gas.
Rebuild shocks annually @ $35 ea if you remove and bring to your dealer.
Occasional tightening of steering is to loosen then splay collars on column then re tighten.
Good carb set-up on a 800 not only rips, but he and others have gotten as much as 14-15 mpg. No need to be a dog and get 9-10 mpg as some have claimed.
Use red lock tight on most bolts.
Don't use just any snowmobile dolly, may pry in a place it dosen't belong.
If you remove (to drop suspesion) suspension bolts, chase off old locktight with tap and dye set .
Rivets are steel on tunnel.
Use a little lube on threads for adjusting rear shock (aluminum on aluminum thing).

Going to have exhaust ceramic coated.
What else blade owners?
Hope global warming is just a theory and there is/I can afford gas.
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