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Got Into the Vintage Sled Game!!!

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Well bought my first "vintage" sled.. 72 Arctic Cat Panther 340. 3600 original miles, original motor, strong compression. Track in good shape, etc. Think I got a sweet deal and something fun to tool around on on Sundays at the cabin!
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That’s a beauty. We have a ‘72 Puma of same styling that my mother bought new, and a 73 or 4 kitty cat. (Neither look as nice as yours) but I’m Hoping to put them on a display shelf someday.
It looks perfect from about 5 feet away until you start seeing the caulk on the hood and what not.... but for what I paid I can't complain... That's what I get for going to the gas station for a drink..... come back with a damn snowmobile. :LOL:
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Only "issue" I can see as of now is its leaking some fluid out the Y pipe... not a lot but enough to notice. Runs like a top though... so idk. Sounds like a "wait until fall problem" to me.
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Found an OE snow flap for $25 this week on Facebook... score! Previous owner also giving me 3qts of 2stroke Schaefers oil and some extra parts he found.
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