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Gonna Try IT!!!

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The Local Arctic Cat Dealer is going to let me take a F7-SP out for the day ( nice guy)
I tell ya IM going to put that baby through hell , we have no groomed trails where I live
we have a couple of cut lines but there rough too!! gotta love Canada's North..

My only worry is that I will like it so much compared to my ZR8 that I might have to buy one.

well I guess Ill know tommorrow!!
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Please post a comparision for us...nice dealer by the way! Marc
OK I logged 300 miles on the F7 .

It's fast .. pulls away and beats my ZR-8 with no problem killed my buddies VIPER ( OH YEA!!)

anyways I like it and I didnt . It was fun it was fast but it didnt feel stable. I felt that if I pushed it to much it would roll or I would lose it !!

Like I said no groomed trail .. my ZR just feels more stable .
but would I buy one YES I WOULD BUY ONE !

I would add the DIal ADjust as I felt the front end just didnt react fast enough to my steering , I had to do a lot of on the brake on the gas shit!! and that just sucked!!

it has great bump control ..

but would I buy one YES I WOULD BUY ONE I would wait to next year to see if they address the steering thing. THis is propably (spelling) a non issue to people done south as you have groomed trails but like I said we dont, and we have no speed limits . I held that thing to the bar for at least 2 klm.
On reall HARD pack it just pulls !! !
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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